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The Origins: Of Samurais and Constant Evolution

As the owner of Lana Kono, Lana bridges two worlds. Being half-Japanese with roots in the Kono Samurai Clan, she grew up in the multicultural and vibrant city of Berlin. Japan is renowned for its timeless and minimalist design, while Berlin continually reinvents itself, drawing on its history as a city full of diversity and innovation. Lana's leadership qualities are grounded in a deep sense of responsibility passed down through the legacy of the samurai.


Mission: Protector of Brand Essence

Our mission is rooted in the samurai ethos of protection and service. In the spirit of these ancient warriors, we pledge to be the guardians of your brand, valiantly defending its essence, values, and legacy. We understand that your brand is not just a symbol; it's a story, a promise, and an irreplaceable asset. We will ensure that your brand flourishes, evolves, and remains resilient against the ever-changing tides of the market.

Vision: Bridging Cultures, Crafting Futures

Our vision stands as evidence to the fusion of Berlin's avant-garde design scene and the timeless elegance of Japanese culture. We envision a future where design transcends boundaries. Lana Kono aspires to be a bridge between worlds, shaping brands that resonate multiculturally.


Japanese Aesthetics and Kaizen: The Art of Continuous Improvement


Inspired by the sophistication of Japanese design, Lana Kono dedicates itself to the ideals of Kaizen—persistent improvement. Drawing from the simplicity, harmony, and precision inherent in Japanese design culture, these principles illuminate our creative journey. Much like Japanese artisans pursuing perfection in every detail, we are devoted to refining your brand with meticulous attention, aiming not only to meet but surpass expectations.


The Octagon and Waves: Symbols of Strength and Adaptability


Lana Kono's family crest, an octagon with three waves, sums up our essence. The octagon symbolizes strength, resilience and versatile perspectives for conception and design. The three waves in the octagon stand for water and embody adaptability - the ability to flow and adapt.

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